Conserving Water & Electricity at YOKE

Here at YOKE we are doing everything we can to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as humanly (or hairdress-erly) possible. 

When Steve and I were working in Australia we came across the ingenious Ecoheads – these are pretty cool looking showerhead attachments that fit onto the hose of backwashes. So after a bit of investigation (and nearly having to get my bro to post them to us from Oz, we managed to find a supplier in the UK. 

So, this is why we choose to install Ecoheads in YOKE’s backwash…..

  •  They reduce water usage by 65%
  • Doubles water pressure
  • Removes sediment, rust, and sand

ECOHEADS patented shower-plate technology doubles water pressure creating a powerful stream cutting your rinse time in half and giving your valued clients that added massage during their shampoo.

ECOHEADS filtration system remove sediment, dirt and rust from the water while the tourmaline stones deionize the water, making it softer and cleaner.

Bit of a no brainier really!

Check out a bit more about the company here

Or pop in and try it for yourself! 01752 251351

Jo x


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