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“Working for Jo and Steve and with everyone else at Yoke means working alongside some of my closest friends everyday and being surrounded by constant inspiration, for what I eventually want to achieve as a stylist. Jo and Steve have given me this amazing opportunity slightly later in my career and I couldn’t be more thankful.”


“Working at Yoke has really brought me out of my shell, I’ve gained a lot more confidence since I joined the team. I love being surrounded by so many inspiring, creative stylists and find myself stepping out of my comfort zone more often with the support from Jo and Steve.”


“One of the things I love the most about working at yoke is that we all share the same vision and we are all dedicated to creating amazing hair. We all learn from each other and are continually updating our skills and learning more about our craft. In the two years since I’ve come to work at yoke I’ve progressed further in my career than I would have ever thought possible with the guidance from Jo & Steve. They also make help us keep a really balanced work / home balance and genuinely care about our wellbeing which creates a great work environment.”


“For two years I have worked for Jo & Steve at Yoke The Salon. The saying if the shoe fits! It’s like perfection for me. They have supported me in my dreams to continue managing but allowing me to become more hands on with clients which is something I missed being sat at a computer from previous salons. The training opportunity’s they provide and confidence they have given me in day to day or session is super fulfilling. We have worked together previously so when they opened their own business and I got that message asking me to come I couldn’t say yes fast enough.”


Working at Yoke has been the perfect environment to look after my clients. I have access to the best performing products available for colour and styling which allows me to produce my best work on a daily basis. We have a great relationship as a team, everyone is super supportive and all make hair beautiful. The salons environmental ethics align with my own as well as the focus on prioritising healthy hair during colour, something I believe should never be compromised. During my time at the salon I have had the full support to work on artistic and education teams and persue all personal career goals.”


“The best thing about working at yoke is not only working aloneside your close friends but constantly learning new and creative ideas from the best! Since working at yoke I feel like I’ve really discovered what I can do and what my skills are as a hair dresser & I’ve got jo and steve to thank for that!”