The New Movement

Guest blog by Lucy Timbrell – PCA Fashion and Communication

Let’s talk about this year’s hair and make-up trends, 2022 will see both sleek and untouched textures and we are here for it. Here at Yoke, we are all about trying new things, helping you take that risk which is why we love to keep up to date with all the latest  trends. Keep reading so you are too. 

Here to stay this year, the classic bob. If you are looking for a sleek, low maintenance cut, the bob is for you. Who wouldn’t want hassle free hair? Finer hair will really benefit from this style as it can result in thicker looking hair. Another style that won’t be leaving, curtain bangs. Fighting that temptation of a fringe but not quite feeling brave enough, curtain bangs are the way to go. A 90’s esque look with layers around the face. This look serves lots of texture and adds softness. Perfect if your hair is feeling a bit lifeless, this cut gives thicker hair movement.

Time to embrace those waves, it’s time to shine. Time to ditch the straighteners and give your hair a well deserved break from the heat. Let it air dry, have a lie in. Try out some products that look after your waves, Aussie’s miracle conditioner is a great option. 80’s curls are also making a comeback, it’s a satisfying hair year for you curly haired lot. Makeup trends are taking it back to the 80s too, with a contour lift and blush. To achieve this look, apply blush to the temples resulting in a lifted, framed face. Blending is key for this technique, start light with either a cream or liquid blush and build. 

Calling all Friends fans, fancy a Rachel Green moment? Choppy bends are providing all the texture and movement for you thick hair girls. Shorter layer with pieces that pop out when a bit waved, no need to go crazy with the curlers, just a flick here and then to get that effortless natural beachy wave. A similar look that is here to stay this year is the everlasting layers. Long curtain bangs with shorter layering throughout, around the face. Easy to maintain, almost like a constant blow dry. A noticeable change without a big chop. 

If you’re looking for an easy makeup look to go with that natural hair, a monochromatic mood would be our go-to. A great way to look at life with minimal effort. 2022 has us reaching for the spring colour palette, peach, coral. pink, soft terracotta and sheer reds. Using the same products on your eyes, cheeks and lips will pull the look together. 

Sleek hair ponytails are perfect for second and third day hair, when you can’t bring yourself to wash it just yet.  Hairspray is your best friend for this look and funnily enough a toothbrush too to tackle the fly aways. To add a bit of excitement, a metallic makeup look would pair well with this hairstyle. Tapping the shadow into the lids to amp it up for the evening. 

According to the ‘Gen Z’ side partings are out and to be left in 2021, who better to listen to then the future? Middle partings are perfect for sleek straight hair and work well to create tendrils. A very popular two pieces on each side of the part that hang out of an updo or ponytail. Perfect way to frame the face. Great for third day dirty hair or to compliment a bun braided straight or slightly waved. 

Lots of looks making a comeback in 2022, not just through hair but makeup too. Freckles have transformed from the thing you hate to the thing you want, if you have them you’re lucky and if not just draw them on. Makeup is glowy in 2022, sunkissed and glossy. Lips are coming out to play as we say goodbye to the masks. Plump and juicy lips can be achieved with lots of lipgloss. 

Let’s get back to all things hair. Mullets, there like marmite. You either love the look or you hate it. We love it and so does 2022. A more chill version of the 80’s old school mullet, a longer less severe version. Doja Cat showed off her mullet which saw a soft wave that framed her face beautifully. A fuller face suits the modern mullet. Or if you fancy something a little different with the same texture. A ‘Shag’ is a good option too as long as you’re not scared of layers. A cool, ‘lived in’ look. Very Taylor Swift. Great for those who want to embrace their natural texture and it works with a curl too.

Fan of accessories? Because Lizzo has been rocking a butterfly clip to add sparkle to her hair, so we should be too! Anything that can be put in your hair, is making a comeback… headbands, scarves, clips and even bows are returning. 

Busy year for hair and makeup and we are so excited to get to create these looks of 2022! 

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